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A couple of posts ago Maggie Williams and Lauren Razzore’s favourite “Medieval Memes” created much interest among readers. So, Maggie and Lauren offer a few more here. The accompanying image is Medieval Kitty. I like her! medieval kitty Favourite Memes; Maggie Williams and Lauren Razzore Link to the tumblr page that we created with most of the memes we discuss: http://medievalmemes.tumblr.com A few other sites that have appeared since we wrote the article in Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture: http://fyeahmedievalrenaissance.tumblr.com/page/4 http://ronstontheknight.tumblr.com https://imgur.com/gallery/gOZL6 Two of our favourite heritage sites: http://www.bedesworld.co.uk http://www.inhp.com The most popular American medieval afterlife: http://www.medievaltimes.com Two artists who create medieval afterlives in the physical world: http://www.pergamena.net http://www.marygriep.com And here’s Gail’s favourite: See http://www.fyeahmedievalandrenaissancememes.tumblr.com for its Eleanor of Aquitaine and Chaucer’s California Dreamin’ Mamas and Papas style General Prologue. Google it or take a look on YouTube.