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Gail Ashton loves:

The Coruscant or Star Wars Tapestry is a wonderful medievalist text designed and fabricated by British artist Aled Lewis as ‘very much a homage’ to the Bayeux Tapestry. It depicts the first six episodes of Star Wars, complete with iconic
moments from the movies, just as the Bayeux tapestry gives us its tales of heroes and warriors.


A mere 10 metres long – Bayeux is 60 – its ‘han-stitched’ continuous length took six months to complete. Each scene is translated pixel by pixel from its ‘original’ computer image and framed in black borders full of quotes from the film in Aurebesh, the basic language of the Star Wars Universe. Currently priced at around $20,000, it was exhibited in LA in the summer of 2014.

See http://www.aledlewis.com/portfolio/the-coruscant-tapestry/

TV must see again
The Pillars of the Earth (2010) based on Ken Follett’s bestseller and his sequel World Without End. Set in the 14th century, this epic saga-drama of war and plague stars Rupert Evans, Cynthia Nixon, Miranda Richardson and a host of others. Not one for the purists but great fun.

Starz’s Camelot (2011)

HBO/Sky Atlantic’s cult Game of Thrones (debut 2011) is adapted from George RR Martin’s fantasy sequence A Song of Ice and Fire. This award-winning show pulls in viewers from around the globe.More on this in later posts.

BBC1’s 5-series, now ended, Merlin which drew UK audiences of over 7 million and was screened in 208 countries. Its action scenes really did have stunt doubles/actors dressed in the full armour of medieval jousting. Series 4 was filmed on location the 14th century Chateau de Pierrfonds, France, former home to Napoleon III and here doubling as the fairy-tale castle of Camelot.