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At last. Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture is finally out in a much more affordable paperback edition. The official release date is 24 August 2017 but I’ve just seen a fabulous advance copy and I’m very happy. So, all those who said they’d like a copy but not at that price, then now’s your chance. Do please spread the word and maybe even recommend it to your students? That way I might even get round to the Volume II I’ve been talking about and a chance to include all the amazing afterlives we missed last time, starting with The Last Kingdom, my fave TV in years.

In the meantime, don’t forget to listen in to me talking about the book  to Carl Nellis late last year: http://newbooksnetwork.com/gail-ashton-ed-medieval-afterlives-in-contemporary-culture-bloomsbury-academic-20152017

And here’s a sneaky peek at who and what’s inside:

Jeff Massey and Brian Cogan talking about Spamalot; Bob Sturges on medievalisms in opera; Margaret Rogerson on performing medieval mysteries; Sarah Peverley on staging Chaucer; Meriem Pages tells us why we can’t do this to Disney; Elizabeth Emery on tournaments and jousting;

Stewie Brookes on Beowulf in film; Dan Kline’s digital gaming; Lesley Coote surveys film; Phillippa Semper on the TV Merlin; Carol Robinson’s electronic Tolkien; Kathleen Coyne Kelly’s BBC Canterbury Tales;

Candy Barrington and Jonathan Hsy on global Chaucers; Gail Ashton on contemporary medieval poetry; Angela Weisl’s quests in Y/A fiction; Louise D’Arcens on Australian medievalism; Fiona Tolhurst’s pilgrimage to Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe; Laurie Finke and Susan Aronstein visit Tintagel;

Ann Howey on heroism in Y/A Arthurian literature; Karloyn Kinane’s neopagan medievalisms; Cory Rushton’s 21st century Templars; Raluca Radulescu on Malory; Rob Gossedge  on Robin Hood; Renee Ward on Harry Potter;

Amanda Allen’s Harry Potter fandom; Jason Tondro and Dan Nastali both on comics (Dante and French Arthurian respectively); Wendy Scase’s medieval manuscripts; Maggie Williams and Lauren Razzore’s medieval memes